Marco Delgado

Premier DJ

How many Dj’s would be willing to take on a wedding the same day? We’re not exactly sure, but Marco has!

Marco learned to Dj his senior year of high school (class of 02’), and has been actively Djing bars/clubs, private events, and weddings over the past 15 years. In addition to being a Dj, Marco provides sound support to industry colleagues and has had the opportunity to work with some of the most respected Dj’s in the nation such as Chris Karns, Q-Bert, and Irie (Miami Heat’s Dj).

His background in sales and customer service throughout the years has enabled him to work seamlessly with people from various backgrounds, whether it was meeting people on the Acura showroom floor to being in an office setting speaking with clients in Canada to Mexico.

When Marco isn’t on the clock, he enjoys spending time with friends and family (gf + 2 sons) trying new food and beer, running, hiking, and attending Dj and live music events.

If any person could describe Marco with 3 words, they would say he’s ; cool, calm, and collected. You can trust that you won’t only feel good having Marco as your Dj, but you’ll also sound good too ;)