Choosing a DJ

The music in your event plays a significant role in making it memorable.

  • Wedding DJ
  • Event DJ
  • Mobile DJ
  • Party DJ
  • House DJ

Choosing a DJ for your event can be quite the process. It is not a straightforward process where you will leave the decision to your planners. It would help if you involved yourself in choosing the DJ to ensure the DJ fulfills your expectation and complements your event. Despite getting a specialized DJ, you need to create a rapport with them to analyze if the DJ will be a perfect fit for your event. 

You will find that people will have the basic knowledge about DJs, not considering their area of expertise, because it is not every day you will look for a DJ for your event. Check out their reviews and niche to understand more about what they offer. Especially when having a wedding in the wine country; a DJ that specializes in the Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino area not only knows the trends in the area but also has established relationships with the venue and can DJ your wedding without a hitch!

Wedding DJ

Weddings are all about fun and joy. The type of music you intend to showcase will help you decide on the best DJ for your wine country wedding. It is essential to hire a professional Wedding DJ; an experienced DJ knows how to keep the mood perfect at all times. If you want to have an epic wedding, hire a professional DJ. Nor Cal Pro Sound specializes in Sonoma, Nap and Mendocino. Our professional DJ’s are experts at wedding events since they can manipulate any list of songs provided to create a vibrant and entertaining event, especially at the reception. The church event is usually quieter and requires a sober environment. If you can get a DJ who can fine-tune your playlist to fit the two sections perfectly, then you got yourself the perfect wedding DJ. 

Event DJ

The beauty of any event is to bring in relevant and exciting music that will make the event more memorable. Celebratory parties like birthdays need an event DJ who will keep the parties lively. You can get a Bar-mitzvah, prom, 50th birthday, or your sweet 16 DJ who will know how and when to hit the right notes during the event. 

Our wine country DJ team will give you an excellent result at your event. If it is a corporate event, ensure you understand how to bring professionalism into the music because music will always find a way. 

Mobile DJ

These are event DJs who can feature in your event wherever it may be. They are pretty accommodating and will offer you their services despite the nature of the event, location, or time. 

Party DJ

Party DJs will always focus on bringing the party to the hearts of the attendants. It's all about setting the mood to get people on the dance floor, having fun, and interacting with your friends and peers.